Hated Homework

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I hate homework!!                    Let me explain.                I love PP and CC’s day care.

But, I vehemently disagree with their VPK homework policy.           (PP calls  VPK  “BBK”.            Adorable!)

They assign 1 to 3 pencil/paper sheets every night.   

slob, humor, homework
See that??          K-5!!!
These kids are 4!           FOUR!
slob, humor, homework
Pretty colors!!
But they need to do this at school, as a matching game.

I have nothing against working above their level, when they are ready, and able.

I am totally against paper/pencil homework, for up to middle school.         And even then, I don’t like to see a lot assigned.           Kids need to be outside playing!!

slob, humor, homework

No pencil paper worksheets. Period.
That’s my opinion.

slob, humor,homework
Again, should be done in another way. Send home a note, asking parents to get real dominoes. Or make a set of laminated ones for each child, and send home. Require that they are sent back in.
Something!!   Have the kids draw the dominoes in class.    What?? Draw, instead of just look at someone else’s work??

#1– Kids in elementary, and under should not be doing that many p/p worksheets per day.        Period.

Especially 4 yr olds!!!

I hated it when I was teaching Kg, and thought it was a crime for 5 y o!!

#2 Kids in elem. should not have homework.          Period.

Their reasoning is to “get them ready, and in the habit.”

They will quickly get in the habit when it’s really necessary!!

Why don’t we get them in the habit of shaving??           “To prepare them”??                Cuz that’s stupid and unnecessary!!            Same flawed reasoning that’s applied to the homework argument!

So, I stated my opinion to PP’s VPK teacher, and do not force PP to do it.            When she wants to, then we do it and turn it in.         Otherwise, I don’t stress about it.

When PP goes to KG, this fall, then we’ll deal with that situation then.

I won’t have changed my mind!!

So, school, get ready for me- here we come!!


  1. You are so right. It’s been proven time and time again that homework is unnecessary. Let kids take home what they haven’t finished in class, but assigning extra work to take home just adds stress that’s unneeded. And for pre-schoolers? Stupidity. I’m so glad my kids are adults and I don’t have to put up with that nonsense. Only one of my kids has kids and he’s, like, 16 now.

    1. Thanks, Willow. And they wonder why kids need anxiety pills?? And bullying is not the only factor in the suicide of children epidemic.
      Lots of brain based research exists on this. WHY do the school districts insist on ignoring it??
      Public education has gone to h_.l in a hand basket. It’s horrible.
      Yay for you not having to worry about it much longer!!

  2. Homework, IF given to little munchkins, should consist of fun hands-on activities and games. I totally agree with you, Melinda, about those dominoes.

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