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Oh yeah, here it is March 18th, already, and I haven’t reported on January yet.             (There may or may not be a reason for that!)   

January- No Spend report:    Heads up, I didn’t make it all the way thru the month.           And, to no one’s surprise, I’m sure, I’ve been guzzling Peach Fanta like a fiend.

slob, humor, brownies
Pick meee!!
slob, humor, peach Fanta
Oh yes, I miss you baby!!

But not for very long, to my shame.                                                      And I did.

I did manage to hold out till Jan. 19, to buy any Peach.          I had to!!             My sock party was next day, and I couldn’t let my guests go thirsty!!          (The fact that I was the only one who drank the peach is entirely immaterial!          They could have!           It was available!)

I still can’t find my No Spend, and Declutterering charts, from Absolutely, so I can’t report exact results.

January- 2018 in 2018 report:

Thankfully, I did sooo much better in this category!!

I started my 2018 in 2018 chart on Dec. 25th!!           I was raring to go!

I went over 100, by the end of Jan., so I was very pleased.           Also, I started tracking the girls’ things too.        They did well too, although unknowingly!           They have not asked for 1 single thing.          So, I done good!!

For now, when I declutter, I write my totals on a notebook.         Then when I find my chart, I’ll transfer.          More motivation to finish unpacking everything!

A 2018 in 2018 , and a No Spend post.     

slob, humor, no spend
slob, humor, 2018 organising

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