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Thursday, no, not last Thursday, a different one, I decided to go thru some bags, and a box in the dining room.         Yay!!      You worked!!             (Sotto voce) smart alec               Something you want to share with the class, Melinda?                (sullenly) No.

Anyway, 2 reusable shopping bags, like this:

slob, humor, full bag
Full shopping bag.      Just not the one I’m writing about today.

and 1 box.

It only took me 20 minutes to go thru them.        Woo hoo for a fairly short job!

Fully half of the box was Tupperware lids.        And I use the word “Tupperware”  very, VERY loosely!  Who knows if even half of these hundreds of lids even have matching bottoms any more??

14 items were girls’ trash, bits of paper, parts of toys, etc.         Only 2 things of theirs were donatable.        (Why does spell check insist that “donatable is not a word??      Is it supposed to be “donateable??        No, cuz they red line it too!         I give up!        Some spell checks just can’t be pleased!)

slob, humor, raspberry
Raspberry Award Winner:
Spell Check!                             Outsmarted ya this time!

I trashed 14 more things, and was able to donate 2 items.       And no, I didn’t double count the same things!!          Don’t deny it, I know you thought it!

The lids??     

slob, humor, plastic lids
Oh, the lids!

Left to match up another day!!          (Any day but today!)        My spoons are all used up now!          Nap time!

A Love House post.        Brought to you by fake Tupperware, and the letter “L”.

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  1. Hi BBFFM,
    My husband loves Tupperware/Rubbermaid, etc. So, we have all these lids floating around. I never know which containers they go to.
    Happy Easter to you!
    Your BBFFJ

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