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slob, humor, living room

Here it is:  our new house!!

PP named it back in Sept, when we told her we were trying to get a house.        I put an offer on a house in Lakeland, but it fell thru.           At the time, I was heartbroken, but God knows best!!

PP said the name of our new house is “Love House”.

slob, humor, purple house

So, here is “Love House.”

slob, humor, living room
DH says, “Is this where you want it?”
slob, humor, living room
These chairs can not make up their minds!!
slob, humor, living room
Naw, we’ll just leave this one in the middle of the floor.
slob, humor, living room
“Should it go here?”
slob, humor, living room
Living room, front door to left, out of frame.
slob, humor, living room
Living room, side door to laundry on the left.
slob, humor, recliner
Trying out different chairs in that spot.

All these top ones are the living room.      It feels sooo big, after Absolutely’s postage stamp!!

slob, humor, office
DD1’s office
slob, humor, office
Wall border in DD1’s office.


I LOVE Love house so much!!

slob, humor, bedroom
DD1, and girls’ room.

(Well, it’s the girls’ room, when we can get PP to actually sleep in it!)

slob, humor, kitchen

Love the spacious kitchen!!   So many cabinets!!             Isn’t it so pretty??      (With the exception of the mint green in the kitchen, I mean!!)

Next time: Master Bedroom!!

A Love House Post.     Brought to you by the letter “L”, and roving bands of chairs.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. Is there an index somewhere for all of the initials? I don’t know who anyone is! -_-‘

    Just kidding! No, really I don’t but it’s okay. I try and figure it out… eventually!

    Nice house too. ^_^

    1. Haha, Kirt!! I’ve been voted down, 2 against 1. I’m laying on my fainting couch, trying to recover from the trauma……
      I’ve been told beige will be acceptable. 🙁

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