Master Motel

Slob, humor, wall border

I told ya I’d show ya the Master Bedroom next.         

Here it is: Our Master Motel Room.

Slob, humor, wood laminate
Nice floor!
Slob, humor, wall border
Masterpiece.     Good thing there are some lavender flowers in there!

See?      The border makes it look like a motel room, right??        Just needs a matching art piece, and bedspread!

I love these floors!!          The wood laminate has a layer of cushioning under it.         So, my ankles, feet, knees, back, and hips don’t ache so fiercely all the time!            YAY!!               Big win!!          (Absolutely had all tile floors.        And they wreaked havoc on my joints!)

slob, humor, curtain rod finials
Curtain rod jewelry. What are they called, again??

I like these finials.       Very classy, not too fussy.        Just 1 question- when will I get curtains up??

slob, humor, same nightstand
My same nightstand.
Same ole mess.
slob, humor, office
My “Office”.          LOL

I love all the spaciousness, of this table!       And the pretty, metal detail, under the top.

But, the keyboard is a tad too high.


slob, humor, DHs dresser
DH’s dresser.    We love the cedar!
And his is not as bad as my desk!!

Now ya know where I live, eat, sleep, work, and ……. play Solitaire!


A Love House Post.     Brought to you by the letter “M”, and laminate floors.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. Very interesting. My Mom’s house has a very similar border.

    Love your floor too. We just replaced our bedroom flooring and hopefully doing the living room one next, hopefully soon.

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