Meh, Memes

slob, humor, brain meme

How is it Monday again??          When I went to sleep last night, it was Saturday!         lol

slob, humor, bff meme
Me too!!

slob, humor, food meme

December, and every other month!

slob, humor, DST meme
Me neither. IF we all close our eyes, and pretend really hard, it won’t exist! Right???
slob, humor, brain meme
Oh so true!


slob, humor, medicine meme    slob, humor, time meme                                                                                        What is that??     A monkey?  Chewbacca’s Albino baby??        Surely it’s not a cat!!

slob, humor, DST meme
I ‘d vote for that!!
If the whole, don’t even do it, thing doesn’t pass!

slob, humor, medicine meme



slob, humor, DST meme
Right behind ya!!
slob, humor, bread meme
I love this!! And it’s so true!!




  1. Love these Melinda, what a great way to start the week! The train-brains, so true! And as for daylight savings times (ours just went forward this past weekend), it’s horrible. I feel jetlagged for 2 weeks, seriously! Why do we need it? Arrrghhh….don’t get me started! Have a great week my friend, thanks as always for making me smile 🙂 <3 xoxo

    1. Hi Sherri!! Glad you got some laughs. Oh yeah, the time change always messes me up. FL just passed a bill to stay with DST, but we have to get it approved by Congress, I believe. We’ll ALL be better off!
      You have a good week too!!

    1. Willow, I so admired Arizona for going against the stream, and now FL has a bill in the works!! I think we passed it, and it has to go to Congress? I’m not keeping track of it as closely as I should. Refer to the train track meme! lol

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