Mini Mess

slob, humor, fan dust

Look at this mini mess fan!         The mess is more than mini!!

slob, humor, truck
Whoops!          Wrong pic!!
I just wanted to show off my our! truck again!
slob, humor, little fan
Widdle, biddy, baby fan!

So cute!           Wike a widdle biddy baby fan!!

slob, humor, fan dust

I hate sneezing!         And with so much dust on those blades, no wonder I’m sneezing!         But, interestingly enough, far less than in Absolutely.         And I didn’t even have a ceiling fan in my room there!

So, knowing that dust on the fan blades is to blame for the sneezes, I made the brilliant executive decision to clean them!        Whoops!           Misplaced modifier alert!

But how??           DH isn’t home to climb up on the ladder, like he did at the 8 house.

Norwex wand to the rescue!    slob, humor, Norwex wand     Ta-Da! 

          It’s bendy!!                                                   slob,humor, bendable wand

                                                                                            Background clutter is free bonus!

Only, why does it have to be green???            Waaaah!

Hey, it’s not easy being green!           Give it a break! 

Works wonders, tho!             So, I guess I’ll just have to adjust to the green.       sigh

slob, humor, cleaning fan      That genius ability to bend to any angle makes fan blade cleaning a breeze!   😉         ( Just couldn’t resist!)

All clean!

slob, humor, clean fan blade
So nice and white!

Ahh ahhh chooooo!             Just kidding!              No more sneezing for me!

A Love House post.        Brought to you by sneezes, and the letter “M”.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. Aww, You’re so cute! It’s good to be proud of your/the new truck, and I love thay you (like me) love Purple so much.

    1. Thanks, Kristy. Someone’s gotta brag!! lol Of course! Purple is the only color in the world, right?? 😉
      I just wish I had gone ahead and dyed my hair purple before DH and I got back together! He thinks purple is NOT for hair. Oh weeelll, purple hair can’t hug me!!

  2. I love ceiling fans… when I lived in The South, they were indispensable. Now that I’m up North, they’re not as popular. There’s only one in this house, and it’s in a room that does no good air-flow-wise. Like, who put that there? Were they drinking? O_o

    If we rebuild this house, I’m totally putting ceiling fans everywhere.

    Like you, I don’t relish cleaning them though.

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