Mixed Mitchell Memes

slob, humor, strawberry meme

Since it’s all about me lately, (Well, who else??   It is your blog, ya know!) I thought I might as well name the Monday memes after myself too!            And DH, of course!!

slob, humor, curling meme

slob, humor, mending meme

slob, humor, muggy meme
slob, humor, strawberry meme






slob, humor, baby meme

slob, humor, grammar meme

slob, humor, time meme
slob, humor, Valentine meme
The ultimate NO SPEND Valentine’s Day!
slob, humor, holiday meme
Oh yeah!




Get your laugh on, today!


  1. The Valentine’s Day card one is hillarious. It reminded me of something my sister does. She just keeps giving her husband the same cards over and over. She has one for Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday, etc. She keeps them in a drawer where her husband never looks and since he’s not really a card kind of guy, he glances at them, thanks her then leaves them lay around the house for a few days. Then later she “cleans” and puts them back in the drawer until the next time. She’s been doing this for years and the poor guy has never caught on!

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