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Hey y’all.

I felt my home page looked too messy.      So, I file 13’d some stuff.

slob, humor, medicine trash
Successful declutter!

Please let me know what ya think.

Good, bad, or ugly!


PS: Still can’t find how to put the like button, and sign up thing.       Looked under widgets, nope. 

Do not feel good today, so not gonna try call WP, even if they might be open.

slob, humor, rag faced
Flu Warrior prepared!

Except I think it might already be too late.        Both PP, and CC are sick.            And you guessed it, they love to share everything!

So between all the coughs directly in my face, and the belated, “But I covered my mouth!” and the using of my shirts as Kleenex, and the “Here, Omie, try this!” food bites shoved in my mouth, despite my protests, the germs got me.        They got me bad.

FYI: if someone wants you to try something, and you don’t want to, opening your mouth to say, “No” is a bad idea…….

(Can’t seem to teach them that you have to cover your mouth Before you cough!!            Ah well, we’ll all just stay home in misery’s shared company.)



Me, the purple walking death-warmed-over flu bomb.


  1. Hope you’re keeping well Melinda…ha, I’m still decluttering too and fear it will go on a very long time in the aftermath of the house move. And I thought we got rid of soooo much… sigh. Love your homepage and your header is beautiful! <3

    1. Sherri, clutter expands!! I thought I had done well this move too. And yet, the screened porch is crammed full! And new husband has not even brought over the stuff he had in storage yet!! Ahhhhhhh!
      We can do it!! Hang in there, and we’ll support each other thru it!!
      Thanks!! I’m glad you like the new look, and header. I want everyone to know Christ is Risen!! He is Risen indeed!!

  2. So I’m trying to catch up backwards and I see a mention of “new husband.” CONGRATULATIONS!! I can’t wait to get the back story!

    I love your header! Your page doesn’t look cluttered.

    I also hope that by now you and the girls are feeling better.

    1. Well, you know him by now, whaddya think?? Handsome, huh? Underneath all the hair!
      Thank you!! Christ is Risen indeed!
      I’m glad it doesn’t look cluttered. I think I made a good decision to clean it up some.
      How did you find me?

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