Plundering Plumber

slob, humor, broken plunger

DD1 and I were both horribly sick.       And the toilet was acting up again.            sigh         (So what else was new??          Doesn’t toilet trouble follow me like a bad smell??          Yes, yes it does.)

We were having to plunge every time we flushed.      Every.Time.              So much fun when you’re tummy is unwell.        (Thank God the girls were with their Daddy then!)

Several times it overflowed, just nasty.

One of the middle of the night times, I broke the handle of the plunger.         

slob, humor, broken plunger
Plastic piece of junk

Could.Not.Believe.It!!!      Here I am sick as a dog, having to plunge, and then the handle breaks???    God, do you hate me today??

So, I had to finish the job, with a handleless plunger.           I’m sure you can just imagine the fun that was.

No pix, you’re welcome.

The next morning, I called XH (at the time), and begged him to go to store for a new plunger.      And NOT a plastic one, please!!!

Happily, he did.

slob, humor, new plunger
YAY!!       My rescuer!

Introducing Blackie the Plunger.              “Hello, Blackie!!            So grateful to make your aquaintance!!”

slob, humor, plunger

New best buddies: Nord and Blackie.

So, the next time, when I needed the plunger, (an hour later), Blackie stepped up to the plate bowl job.          (Whew, those dish analogies were making me queasy!!)

So thankful that Blackie came into my hands life!


An Absolutely post.        I still have tons of them, that I haven’t finished.        You might still be hearing about Absolutely when we move again!       😉           (Please God, don’t make us move again for years!!)

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