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slob, humor, DST meme

It’s Monday!!        Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!!           Or is it bacey??           It’s supposed to be bacon, but it rhymes with wakey…..        So I just go with the default, if it rhymes, it’s spelt the same.   Yes, I know “spelt” is a grain, not the proper word “spelled”.            But now I get to tag Dolly, who uses spelt!!           Hi Dolly!!

slob, humor, DST meme   slob, humor, DST meme

Lol, Dolly, I had already tagged you, before I read your comment!!

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Where are the cats, I want to know!

So, just for Dolly, (and all other cat people), here ya go.

slob, humor, DST memeslob, humor, DST memeslob, humor, DST meme  slob, humor, DST meme

slob, humor, DST meme

slob, humor, DST meme    slob, humor, DST meme

And one for all the dog people:    slob, humor, DST meme

Dog lovers, if you felt short changed, I’m sorry.          You were.         But I was working on more for you, and I lost that whole hour!!          My apologies!



  1. LOL…love it…have to admit, it is nice to live in a state that doesn’t go on daylight savings time….been in Arizona for 4 years and first time in my life not to have to deal with it…love it….and out two cats never have to get that confused look..:)

    1. Well Kirt, I must admit to being a teeny bit jealous of you!! I sure hope Fl passes the law to stay with DST. I didn’t care which, just pick! And I’m glad I have your personal testimony about how much better it is! Thanks!!

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