September Sitting & Soaking

slob, humor, toes


Sitting in my sewing chair too long.

Stopped sewing.

Sitting ‘side, ‘stead.

Soaking in the sun..

September sitting & soaking up the sunshine.

On Absolutely’s front porch strip of sidewalk that passes for such.

slob, humor, patio

Sitting in my pj’s.

Stretching muh tootsies.

[This is where I should have inserted a pic of me in my pjs, with my feet stretched out.                            Alas, I deleted it before I ever finished this post.      🙁    ]

So, how ’bout just a toes shot, instead??

slob, humor, toes
Muh tootsies.

Soaking up all the free vitamin D.             

Thank you God!

I love free!       

And the air smells good out here too!!           Looking at the gorgeous morning glories across the road, on a fence.        (That I didn’t remember to take a pic of, duh-oh!)

So, here’s a shot of morning glories, courtesy of Google images.

slob, humor, morning glories
(Yes, I realize this post is 3 6 months late.        Mea culpa.          Better late than never, right??)


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