Vain Vanronica

slob, humor, Vanronica

Vanronica is so vain!!         She thought she was starting to show her age- 17.       Which is 119 in Mommy van years!!          No wonder she thought she was showing her age!!         She had cracks all over the place!!

(I think I will rename her, “Vain-ronica.”)

So, she scheduled a face-lift for herself!

She was entirely too vain to let me show you a before.        However, I did sneak some pix of her stitches, covered in surgical tape, to keep them clean.

slob, humor, Vanronica
Nothing to see here!
Move along, folks!
slob, humor, Vanronica
Ouch!!           Just a flesh wound.


Slob, humor, Vanronica
Results of Vain-ronica’s
Face lift.

Looking good, grand old lady!!

(She’s so vain, she prob’ly thinks this post is about her!)


  1. Good lord, I’m sure many moons ago you said Varonica was heading for that great car yard in the sky. This is indeed good news…unless my memory is failing in which case maybe not? Who are you again?? Oh yes…Melinda…. Lol

    Spiffing facelift might I add, and while blue tape has a certain charm, one can I my feel secure for so long before things become dubious and potentially face less!

    1. Gary, you are indeed correct sir!! Back in December, (the 8th) when Vanronica shook so bad, that back end piece fell off, I thought she was as good as dead!!
      Yes, she pulled thru! Now with all new tires, alignment, the new windshield, and brand new
      brakes, as of last Fri, she has a new lease on life!! I will pass on the kind words to her, Gary. She will be thrilled that you, as her future owner, think she looks so good!
      LOL!! Faceless would NOT be a good look for her!!

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