Who’s Who??

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  1. Is there an index somewhere for all of the initials? I don’t know who anyone is! -_-‘

    Just kidding! No, really I don’t but it’s okay. I try and figure it out… eventually!

So, here ya go, Willow!

Here is an old, OLD post that explains some initials:


PPJR was upgraded to CC (ChunkChunk) when we lived in 8 house, cuz people complained the poor baby needed her own name.

XH- ex husband, now DH dear husband again.   He is the girl’s Pop.

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Happily re-married!

My first husband, SW (Sweet Friend) is their PopPop.

slob, humor, living room
“Should it go here?”

Anything else??         Just let me know!          I wanna keep my readers happy!!                NOT lost!!

<3 you WIllow!!

A Love House Post.         Brought to you by the Willow’s Wonderings, and “People of Love House.”

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