Broken Branches

slob, humor, Grandfather Oak

All 3 of us were napping.              (The girls were gone to day care.)

Whump!         We heard a huge thump, and felt the ground shake, at the same time.

It was so strong, it woke us all up!

We jerked up outta sleep, saying, “What was that??”             DD1 hollered, “Mama??      What was that??”             I said, “Honey!          What was that??           Go look !” 

He looked out the window, and a ginormous oak branch lay in the front yard, broken all to pieces.

slob, humor, branch down
Help!I      It’s fallen, and it can’t get up!
slob, humor, branch down
slob, humor, split branch
The end that divorced itself from the tree.

We all said, “Thank God the girls weren’t here!         That’s one of the spots they love to play!!”

God was so merciful!

DH called the landlord, and he came and hauled it away.

Too bad we don’t have a fireplace, free wood for the winter!!

Several other people in the neighborhood are cutting down big trees.            We always take the girls to watch, since their daddy is a tree trimmer.

Then, 2 weeks later, another branch fell!!          This time, it fell across the road, so we weren’t in any danger.

Okay, that’s enough!!           We better have someone come look at this tree too!!            Looks as if old age is making it fall apart!!

So beautiful, and majestic!

slob, humor, Grandfather Oak
Grandfather Oak


I love Grandfather oaks!            But not enough to risk our life and limbs!!        Much better they lose theirs than ours!!

A Love House Post.      Brought to you by the letter blend “Br”, and Grandfather Oak Tree.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. I’m glad no one was hurt! We have a huge cottonwood that keeps dropping branches too. It’s far enough away from the house that the only thing it’s endangering is anyone silly enough to walk under it. The tree company says that it probably won’t fall over, but it will continue to drop branches, because that’s what they do. Last time it decided to shed a few pounds it blocked our driveway and our neighbor came over to help chop the branches up and move them out of the way. We should really invest in a chainsaw… ^_^

    1. Thanks, Willow, me too!! So, ya just leaving it to declutter itself?? I’m not sure what’s the verdict with ours, but it needs to be seen by the tree dr.!!
      Whoa!! Thank God for that neighbor! A chainsaw should be fun!! Not for you, of course…

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