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slob, humor, Elmo coloring book

Okay, before I get to the main subject, coloring, I have a rant about the English language.                      If this is boring to you, sorry.        Skip down to the line.

  1. Notable or successful stroke or move.
    “it was a major coup to get such a prestigious contract”

Ok, now that it’s just us wordy nerds, does the vagaries of English bother you??           Especially homophones???        They do me.        I want “coup” to be spelled like it sounds!          “Coo.”              But, then it would be a homograph of a baby’s sounds.          So, I’d allow it to be “cou.”

But according to the above, it should be spelled, “koo.”          Then, there’s no problem, right?

Oh, okay, you’re right.

As usual, if I do say so myself.

Who shouldn’t!

So, who’s with me to start a phonetic spelling revolution????            Think we could rally (rale) enough followers to form a March on Washington?? 

I found the special symbols!        The long vowel, Ā, but not the short vowel symbol.

Then, we’d have to add the short vowel sign, to the keyboard.          And who’s gonna teach millions of Americans the “new right” way to spell???        And how to find the new symbol on the keyboard???



Fine, I give up.      I don’t have enough energy (inerg) for all that. 

You barely have enough to type a rant about it!


Everybody back with us?

Now, on to coloring.                Sure, after 230 totally unnecessary words!

I love coloring!!

Whether it’s coloring books,

slob, humor, Elmo coloring book
Note the “clearance” sticker.   $3 is 3x too much to pay for a coloring book!

making my own pix,    slob, humor, PPs art                                                                                                            Well, actually this is PP’s original work.    And I think the pink zig-zag is CC’s contribution.

or coloring in my decluttering chart;          slob, humor, 2018 chart

                                                                                  My Freedom tracker!

 I love coloring!!

Here’s how I do my chart.         It’s a meticulous, 3, 4, 5 step process.

Meticulous!       Snort! Giggle!

#1. Mark the squares with a line dash. 

slob, humor, dashed squares

#2Outline them.                   

slob, humor, outlined squares

#3. Color them in.                                           

slob, humor, colored in squares

#4. Completely color them in.

slob, humor, completely color

Oops!!     Looks like you need an additional step .           I still see some white in there, marring the total effect!

Wow, and you mocked ME when I said I was meticulous!!

How’s this??

slob, humor, colored chart
#5. Fully colored in.

# 5 6. Enjoy the resulting piece of fine art!

It’s a thing of beauty to behold!!

A Love House Post.      Brought to you by Crayola, and Elmo.

slob, humor, purple house

#1   #2   #3    #4    #5     #6    #7     #8     #9 


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