Difficult & Dangerous

slob, humor, doorway still
  • Help!!          I can’t get thru the bathroom door without banging 1 shoulder or another.      Or an elbow, or wrist, knee, etc.


I thought, “Now, that’s odd.      What’s the problem??          I can go in and out of my bedroom without any trouble.   

slob, humor, larger doorway
Plenty o’ room here!
slob, humor, larger doorway
Left side, no problem!

Maybe the bathroom doorway is smaller??

So, I measured it the Melinda way.       With shoulders straight, I tried to go straight thru the bathroom door way.          But very, very slowly!!          No need to bruise the whole way down, both sides at once!

slob, humor, doorway
Nope.       No room here either.
slob, humor, doorway
No room on this side.


slob, humor, doorway still
It’s NOT just my imagination!        (Why am I smiling???)

It really was smaller!!

Shame on you math for making it difficult & dangerous even! to go to the bathroom in my own house!

But really, who were the dastardly sadists that thought making the bathroom door narrower was a good idea??          They need to be identified, exposed, and vilified as the true monsters that they are!     

I think once I find them, I will bring a case action suit against them for all the pain and suffering they caused me!          Every time I go in there, (50-ish, or so, times a day), I come out with multiple bruises. slob, humor, bruise

I know this is only one,       Just imagine it multiplied,      ‘K?(Notice that it’s my fave color!!          I love it when they reach that stage!)

Then, I’m traumatized by the difficulty, and the pain, and am afraid to go back in.            But I have to!

Just imagine how much the punitive damages will be!!        Even at a conservative $5 a bruise, that will be, let’s see……  + 100, times 50 a day, 365 days a year………

slob, humor, dollar sign

A lot!!

A Love House post.        Brought to you by bruises, and the letter “D”.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. I agree… bathroom doors do not need to be smaller than other doors. We bought a walker for me to use a while back and brought it home only to find that *none* of the doorways in my house are wide enough to fit the walker. Like… none of them. Which sucks. $200 wasted. Next house will have to have wide doors for the inevitable walker and/or wheelchair.

    1. IKR?? Those dumb builders or whoever need to start using their noodle!! That happened to me, when I was in a w/c. Couldn’t even get in the apt door!!
      Then, couldn’t go thru the bathroom door! Thank God I could stand long enough for DH to fold it up, and push it thru the door way!!
      Modern builders seem to have more of a clue!

  2. I suppose I should thank you for this one. I became so obsessed with the idea that the door would be a different size that I went and measured our bedroom vs bathroom doors. We live in a very uniform house – all doors except the entry closet – are the same width.

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