Go’wan, Guess!

slob, humor, 3rd leg

(Written on Monday evening.)

Guess what I just did??           Go’wan, Guess!!

You’ll neveh guess!!

I walked!!         I mean, like-an-on-purpose-walk-down-the-street walk!

And I have proof!!

Here’s DH and I sharing a last selfie, just in case I don’t make it.

slob, humor, selfie
Yeah, we need to improve our skills!

DH installed a pedometer, on my phone earlier, and so we stepped out.

Easing on down the road.

slob, humor, 3rd leg

slob, humor, me stopping

It said. “STOP!”                 So, I did!                  But, only long enough for a pic!

Around the corner…                                                                        On the home stretch!!                                                                             slob, humor, house

I can see the light house at the end of the tunnel walk!

I made it!                          I’m still ALIVE!!                And the crowd goes wild!!

I believe you mentioned proof??

What?            You don’t believe me??                I’m wounded!

There ya go, doubting Thomas.             slob, humor, pedometer

YAY me!!              Half marathon,  here I come!

(Tuesday:   And I did it again tonight, too!!)

A Love House Post.      Brought to you by the long way home, and sweat.

slob, humor, purple house

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Also the Beginning post of the Miracle Marathon Series.

slob, humor, Miracle Marathon



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