Green Graffiti

slob, humor, green wall flowers

Even though PP disdained to actually sleep in the bunks, she did utilize one of its useful qualities.      And made liberal use of the top bunk, as a scaffolding for her Michelangelo impersonation.

Her tool of choice:       

slob, humor, green stamper
             The stamper made her do it.

 The artistic endeavor:


slob, humor, green wall flowers
So pretty!!
slob, humor, stamped wall
Looks like wallpaper from here, doesn’t it?


slob, humor, another stamp

  Careful placement.

Mommy loves green!!          Unhappily for PP, Mommy didn’t love it on the wall of a rental house!!

And PP had no recourse to blame ChunkChunk.          Her arms are not as long as the stamps were high!

How are we gonna clean this??            And by “we”, of course I mean PP!!           Hope this is one of those, “Of course Norwex took it right off!” situations!!

A Love House Post.      Brought to you by green ink stampers, and scaffolding bunks.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. Oh my! This is reminscent of the massive ‘elephant’ my then 2 year old drew all over the walls of out rental apartment in Toronto many moons ago. I had just spent hours carefully cleaning the walls from scuff marks and touching up paint. I was in one of the bedrooms doing the same thing when he pipes up “mummy, I drawed a elephant!” And he had. All. Over. The. Clean. Wall. At least PPs design looks pretty!

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