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Thank you Authoress 51, and Willow for pointing out that sugar is NOT as addictive as cocaine!

Is sugar addictive? Probably not, say Cambridge neuroscientists.

YAY!!         But does the white death thing still apply??        Sugar is empty calories, and has no nutritional value, so probably.

Yesterday when I stopped, I was talking about:

So what is it gonna take for you to straighten up, and eat right??          Do you need to be diagnosed with a horrible disease again??             Confined to a wheelchair permanently??                 On your death bed from obesity?? 

All of those things scare me.       A lot.        When I was in a wheelchair , it was horrible.                           I was helpless.         Couldn’t go anywhere by myself, not even to the bathroom, because I wasn’t strong enough to push myself.          So, I’d have to have an electric one.          And those things cost 2 arms, and a leg.   

A horrible disease might kill me, this time.             Reversing the chronic kidney disease was a miracle from God.           He doesn’t owe me, so what if I didn’t recover next time?

Dying from obesity is a very likely scenario, if I don’t change my ways permanently.                              And it’s not fun.         High blood pressure, likelihood of strokes, diabetes, on and on.                            At the extreme end of the scale, (see what I did there?) being confined to bed, because they don’t make electric wheelchairs big enough for 899 lb people.             What kind of life is that???                     I know DH would be here for me.         And the girls, my Mama, my 2 Sisters, my brother, my aunts, 

slob, humor, Sisters box
           A cute little box from Sis.

and other family would still visit me, but could I even hug them?        Would I have the breath to even talk?

I’ve talked to people about this.       I’ve had a nutritionist appointment.     3 weeks ago, I even went down to the altar and prayed, and got prayed for by Pastor Robinson for this.         I cried, and cried my eyes out.            I told God I was really serious this time.           Yet, here I still am, eating the Ding Dong.


A March Madness post.         Brought to you by medical messes.
slob, humor, March Madness
                                                Why are there no purple March Madness icons??                                                                   Maybe because the whole world doesn’t revolve around you??
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 Next time: Melinda’s March Madness


  1. I think what sets most people on the road to failure is that they set such high goals for themselves. One does not need to cut all sugar from their diets in order to lose weight, or even *most* sugar. It’s been shown in study after study that strict calorie reduction is a one way ticket to frustration and failure. Oh yeah, people lose weight on these diets, but most (and I do mean most will gain that weight back again and go on *another* diet. Why? because they aren’t how our bodies work.

    Moderation is the key. Not elimination. If you say to yourself, “I’m going to be strong and never eat [insert food here] again!” you’re only setting yourself up for failure. Because a) you probably need something in that food for survival (like sugar) which is why your body craves it in the first place and b) elimination diets are not meant to be permanent. It’s not about willpower. It’s about… I dunno… doing the research and figuring out what your body needs to survive.

    The ONLY time you should cut gluten out of your diet is if you have celiac disease, or if you have a serious intolerance. Seriously. Because there’s nothing inherently wrong with gluten ( I cut it out during my elimination diet and found it didn’t make much of a difference, so I’m eating it again.

    Anyway, that’s my two cent’s worth. I hate to see people beat themselves up for something I know is mostly society pointing fingers. I honestly believe it’s okay to have a Ding-dong. So long as you’re not eating the whole box in one setting.

    Just keep this thought in mind… Moderation is the best way. You can reach your goal, one less sweet at a time. You really don’t have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

    1. Thanks, Willow. I know all this, I just can’t seem to do it this time. I think my mind is tired of me trying to trick it???
      And I really am allergic to gluten, I have the pinprick scars on my back to prove it!
      Well, that’s the whole problem, I usually DO eat the whole box at once, hence the horrible problem! I have ALWAYS gained back the weight plus more.
      So, you still haven’t solved your tummy trouble mysteries??
      Sorry I’m whining, and here you are in horrible pain!

  2. Eh, even the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with my stomach. I’ve almost given up trying. But don’t worry about me…

    I have trouble stopping at one too, which is why my husband has control of the sugar. ^_^ He brings me my chocolate one treat at a time. Hahahaha! But I’m way better than I was before when I’d eat, like five bags (the bigger ones) of M&Ms at once, or a whole package of Oreos in one setting. it took a lot of time and effort, but the key, I think, is to not beat yourself up every time you “fail” because it’s not failing. It’s habit, and habit are made to break. Now I’m not in the habit of eating an entire box of Oreos at once, so I don’t do it anymore. I eat… four… at a time. I’m pretty sure four is the serving size. It’s been awhile since I’ve had Oreos. ^_^

    Anyway, it took me two years to get into the habit of eating a serving size of whatever. Two years. I just switched one habit for another. So I can still have chocolate, but a serving size of chocolate… or cake, or whatever. I think the problem is that people expect their habits to change overnight, and it’s a process. Processes take time. A lot of time. Take your time.

    1. A LOT of Time!! Don’t they have stomach transplants yet???
      Girl, you are WAY better now!!
      The only way I could eat 4 cookies, and stop, is if we only bought 4. lol
      I still haven’t had another piece of birthday cake. That was 6 days ago!! Yeah, me!

  3. It won’t let me reply so I’m commenting again. >_< If the only way you can eat four cookies is to buy four cookies then buy four cookies at a time. That's what they have individual cookie packets for. ^_^ Believe it or not, that's what I did. Get those school lunch thingies (with the individual packages) and eat one of those. That's a serving size. It's way easier to stop at one if you have to open up each package. It's a lot easier to put them back if you can put back an unopened package. You know? And if the thought of all of those packages littering up your place puts you off, well, that’s another reason to not eat them isn’t it? Especially if you make a rule that these are the only ones you can eat.

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