March Madness

slob, humor, me! me!

No, not that one.        My March Madness.

You know everything is all about me on here!!

slob, humor, me! me!      All about me!!

I started this draft awhile ago, and wrote the first 2 lines.     Now I have no idea what I was talking about!!

But, madness, ie: mental illness, I know about.        I was gonna write I know “all” about.                      Then I realized I don’t know “all” about mental illness.        Just mine.

Besides my major diagnoses, I have Seasonal Affective Disorder too, just like Mama.        (Stupid spell check,- affective is spelled right!!        I checked!!)         When it’s rainy, or cloudy, and/or gloomy, my mood tanks.         Sis got Mama a sun lamp, and it’s helping her sooo much!!

So why don’t I have one yet??          Yeah, why don’tcha??            Ya know, that is a real good question!!           

I’m gonna write it into next month’s budget right now!           After you finish this post, ya mean, right?  Yeah, I do have a bad habit of jumping from middle of one thing to the next, don’t I??

Okay, so get me a sun lamp, right.

Right now the things that help keep me sane:   

  • God,
  • His Word- the Bible
slob, humor, Bible
Love my purple leather cover KJV!!
  • prayer- talking to God
  • my meds

slob, humor, my meds

  • the girls.
  • my counselor
  • family support.

Okay, I have more to say, but this post is getting longish.      So, more later.

A March Madness post.         Brought to you by March, and madness.
(I promise when I started writing it, it was still March!)
slob, humor, March Madness
Why are there no purple March Madness icons??
Next time: More March Madness 
#1- March Madness


  1. Sunlamps are cool, and they do help (so I’ve heard, I don’t have SADD), but they’re expensive! I hope you get one. 🙂

    1. “Sunlamps are cool.” Bwahahaha!! That’s probably why I don’t have one yet!! Yay! You got 99 problems, but SADD ain’t one of them!! Yippee!
      I haven’t done any research yet on the price, at all. So, we’ll see.
      Have a great day!

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