Maxine’s Memes

slob, humor, spring meme

Maxine’s memes.         I know, technically there’s only one of her’s, but….. ya know…. alliteration.

slob, humor, Maxine meme
slob, humor, cleaning meme
Bwahahaha!        I’ve felt like that before!
slob, humor, gum meme
Mwahahaha!!      My mom warned me about that!
slob, humor, spring meme
Why, yes!          Yes it is, Lionel!







I got that one off Jenny’s FB page.

slob, humor, gray hair meme
Oh, so that’s what it is!!
I glitter like a tinsel tree!
slob, humor, FB meme
FB is so creepy!!



slob, humor, home meme
slob, humor, cat meme
For the cat people.    Dolly, Kristy…
slob, humor, money meme
True story!
slob, humor, food meme
Mine too!








slob, humor, dog meme
And one for the doggy people. Willow, Stella…..

Now we can start the week properly!!                See ya tomorrow.



  1. If I saw a dog as big as that daschund, I’d call the humane society. That there is animal abuse. My furbabies are on the heavy side, but that’s just ridiculous. He can’t even stand up… >_<

    Sorry to be a bummer.

    The rest of them are funny.

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