Monday’s Meh Memes

slob, humor, Grumpy Cat meme

Oops!!  I forgot to publish this yesterday!  I had it scheduled….    Then forgot to check on it.         Enjoy a double dose of me today!

I’m running out of “M” words.          That’s why the “meh” again.             I promise they’re                      funny!              To me, anyway!!

slob, humor, DST meme
Eek!!      It’s a conspiracy!

slob, humor, parenting meme

The classic new parents’ dilemma!

slob, humor, BFF meme
Me too!


slob, humor, cooking meme
Bwahahaha!        Sweet fried green beans, of course!









slob, humor, Grumpy Cat meme
Just had to have 1 more Grumpy Cat!
You’re welcome!

slob, humor, Mom meme

slob, humor, Monica is messy!
Now that’s funny!!

Willow, if you can’t read the Friends’ one, Chandler says, “Oh my God!”             Monica screeches    “How did you get in there??”           Chandler says, “You’re messy!!”

slob, humor, messy meme
That’s it!    That explains me!
slob, humor, cleaning meme
slob, humor, cleaning meme
      Right??               😉

I hope you enjoyed these memes.         And thought they were better than “Meh.”


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