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slob, white powder death

When I stopped in March Madness, I was talking about things that help me keep my sanity.

God, His Word, prayer, my meds, the girls, my counselor, and family support.

When I was GF, and sugar free, that helped me too.         I had more energy, less mental fog, and less body aches.            Weighing less helped me feel great about myself, and that helped too.       So, why am I still not back on that way of eating again?????

Probably because it was so hard.      You still craved stuff.       Because you didn’t finish the mental work of really believing gluten and sugar are poison, and killing you slowly????

Yeah, most likely.

You got off caffeine in 2008, and maintained that.            Shoot, you’ve been sober for almost 25 years now.         You CAN do GF, and sugar free- for the rest of your life!           You can!!

But, how do I make it past that 6 month mark??

slob, humor, poison food
Yum!   Chocolate coated poison!     My favorite!

Are you seriously writing about being GF, and SF, while eating a DING DONG??? 

Umm, yes.      (hesitantly, shamefully)

First: Put DOWN the Ding Dong, in the TRASH, and walk away!      Quickly!!

Then, purge your pantry, of all things gluten, and sugar.

But, I can’t!         The girls need snacks!!

Does DD1 want them eating sugar, and candy, and donuts??

Uh, no.      She yells at me all the time about that.

Okay, and have you ever thought that you might be permanently harming them by getting them hooked on the same drugs you’re on??

But!!      But, sugar isn’t a drug!!         It’s food!!

Not really, no, it’s not.           You’ve seen the studies that say sugar is as powerful a drug as cocaine, and as addictive, and just as deadly.

slob, white sugar white deathslob, white powder death

Oh yeah, I have.        (hangs head)

Isn’t real fruit sweet??              Yes.              And when you were clean from sugar, didn’t you enjoy the heck out of fruit??              Yes.           Don’t the girls gobble up fresh fruit like there’s no tomorrow, when they get it?              Yes.             Okay, then, I don’t see the problem.             Purge your pantry, and get going.

But I hate to cook!                 So??            This is your life we’re talking about.           Alcohol went bye,  and you lived.          Even better than before, right??              Yes.                 Caffeine went bye, and you lived, right??                Yes.         But not better than before, I just switched to other drinks that were CF.        Okay, then.     That’s your answer!!         Just switch to other foods that are GF, and SF!!            You CAN  do it, Melinda Joy Hawkins Woideck Hawkins Woideck Sanchez Mitchell Mitchell!!             AS long as you truly make up your mind, and stick with it day by day, hour by hour, bite by bite, you can conquer the world this addiction!

Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

This post is now very wordy.         Stopping here for today.     

A March Madness post.         Brought to you by chocolate covered death.
slob, humor, March Madness
Why are there no purple March Madness icons??
Next time: Much More March Madness 
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  1. I just read yesterday that Sugar is not as addictive as Cocaine. I know I should be encouraging you to be healthy, but, that’s a myth!
    You need to at least know the truth, there.

    1. Thanks, Willow! I’m gonna go read it now. I appreciate you taking the time to find the link. So, one less bad thing about it. Yeah!
      But the white death thing still applies???

  2. Just getting to the backlog of my favorite reads from my favorite people.
    The issue with sugar, in your case, Melinda, is not “white death” or extra weight. Sugar and gluten, as well as food coloring (especially yellow and red), have a negative impact on the effect of your meds. In reality, those Ding Dongs you are enjoying cut the effectiveness of your meds to a considerable degree.
    I am not telling you what to do, my favorite purple person, just giving you information, researched, tried, and tested.
    Love and blessings!

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