Moses Meme

slob, humor, clothes meme

Memes, memes, we all scream for memes!!

slob, humor, dog meme

slob, humor, job meme




                                                                                              Now that’s funny!!          I don’t care who ya are!

slob, humor, camel meme
Meme Day!!
slob, humor, kids meme

slob, humor, mom meme       

slob, humor, DST meme
Yet another DST meme???
slob, humor, meme

slob, humor, clothes meme



slob, humor, math meme
Finally!!          Now I know what I am!!
slob, humor, Moses meme









Well, I hope you’re satisfied with the memes all that screaming got ya!

Kitties, dogs, ponies, and even a camel!!       I hope all the animal lovers are happy today!!

If I left you out, ferret, snake, and whatever else lovers, just drop me a comment, and I’ll make your day next week!



  1. Hey, the jeans thing is completely rational! I need my bloated day jeans and your “pregnant but don’t fit into maternity quite yet” jeans and your “just had a baby and can’t fit into my old jeans” jeans!

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