Motivation Memes

slob, humor, Ford meme

What day is it??         It’s Monday!!          You know what that means!!             Memes!

slob, humor, Ford meme
This is for my male cousins!!

Don’t write me death threats if you’re a Chevy fan, please!! lol               What can I say??                          Inho, Ford is simply the best!

slob, humor, cooking meme
Yup!!      Been there, done that!         Except, I was cooking Rilla!       Remember that?

slob, humor, DST meme         I know, you’re probably sick of hearing about DST.         But I still have a stash of memes to use up!

slob, humor, DST meme
Another DST meme???      Yup.
slob, humor, tp meme
At last!!       My decorating dilemma solved!!
slob, humor, decluttering meme
Oh yeah!








slob, humor, senility prayer
Yes, Jesus!
slob, humor, kid meme
This kid is gonna rule the world!
slob, humor, cleaning meme
Tell it!!








slob, humor, teen meme

I need a good camel meme, for what day is it!!

slob, humor, what day meme
How bow dah??

Laugh your self silly, today!!



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