Nine in Ninety

slob,humor, cans on counter

I’m not really sure if it was 9 items.          (And no, I ain’t gonna count, either.)          And I’m not really sure it was 90 seconds either, since I didn’t time myself…

But, since that’s what occurred to me when I first started thinking of a name, that’s what I’m going with.         Join me, won’t you?

The kitchen counter looked like this:

slob,humor, cans on counter
Canned counter

Umm, Melinda??              Yeah?              There’s only 7 items there.              Uh-uh, smarty pants, you’re wrong!            No I’m not!!           

  1. peanut butter
  2. tomatoes
  3. peaches??
  4. another peanut butter
  5. mystery can
  6. mystery can
  7. mystery can

See??       7, not 9.           (7 of 9, you say??      That Star Trek Next Gen reference is for my bro.          Love ya , man!!)

You forgot the glass, and Norwex!            HA!           9 items!

grumble, grumble

The counter had been like this for a long, long time.        Not ninety days long, since we’ve only been here less than 2 months, but long.            Way too long.

Ya know how ya get “Clutter Blind” when something has been there so long, ya no longer see it??      Yeah, that long.

One day, after looking back at what I’ve been posting, I realized, “Hey!   I haven’t done much, if any, actually cleaning or de-cluttering posts here in Love House!        I should fix that!”

So, as I was passing thru the kitchen for a refill, WATER for once!, I actually SAW the cans.        And thought, “Huh, ya know, those wouldn’t take very long to put away.    Or much effort either, since the pantry is literally 3 steps away.      Then I could knock out a quick de-cluttering post.”

And so I did.

I took 2 cans at a time, and just shoved put them on the first shelf at hand level.            What, ya think I’d actually organize them???         That’s a completely different post!!


slob, humor, cleared counter
7 of 9 gone!!           (Bye Jeri Ryan!)

Doesn’t that look so much better?           And so easy to do!!           I didn’t even break a sweat!!

I did however need to go to the chiropractor.        My arm needed adjusting, after the copious amount of pats on the back I gave myself.

A Love House Post.      Brought to you by the letter “N”, and Clutter Blindness.

                                               slob, humor, purple house

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  1. Hi Melinda – long time no vist! Apologies, I just saw you over on Molly’s post and though, OMG Melinda! So here I am. Hopping from crisis to crisis, trying to keep up and failing miserably. Congrats on clearing your counter top – I’d love to do mine! And the laundry, and the vaccuuming, and the dusting. There is just no time! How do you do it?!

    1. Hi Gilly! No apologies needed, friend! I totally understand. I just love to see you when you can. Well, now that I have DH back, I pretty much don’t have to do anything, except tend to the babies when they’re here. And blog. He spoils me rotten!

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