PP’s Pad

slob, humor, pink mattress

Here it is: PP’s Pad!!

She’s been wanting her own room now, for awhile.         After all, she’s a big girl, and CC is still a baby.

(“Baby todluh”- PP reminds me.)

And sleeping on the mattress, pulled out from under our bed, just wasn’t working for her anymore.

slob, humor, pink mattress
PP’s “bed”.

At first she tried to claim Mommy’s office.         But that was a no-go with Mommy!!

Then Mommy bought bunk beds, and tried to convince PP that it would be like her own room.

slob, humor, bunk beds
Looks like mini rooms to me!    😉


Uh no.        It wouldn’t.             She never even slept there.              Not once.

(Anyone in the Tampa Bay area need a beautiful set of brand new Ikea bunk beds??    Yes, we have the mattresses too.)

Next bright idea- hers, not ours- was that the closet would make a perfectly spiffy room!                        Just her size, and everything!!          Built-in colorful ceiling decor, and very cozy.          Very,                    very cozy.   

Our closet- pre-renovation.                                                                 slob, humor, closet

                                                                                                                   Sorry so blurry!


Pop measured, and said her mattress wouldn’t fit.          He wanted to surprise her, when she came home from school.               I said, “I’m sure it will!”               He insisted it wouldn’t.         I demanded  asked him nicely, to just try.           So to please me, after he cleaned out the bottom of the space, he did put the mattress down.

And of course, it didn’t fit.           He said, very nicely, “Honey, I told you it wouldn’t fit.”

I went over, and crammed it in.         As the side kinda went up the wall, I said, “See??   It fits!”

Long story short, PP was thrilled when she came home, to find her own room!!

slob, humor, PPs "Room"
Such a cute, cozy “room!”

And she slept in it every night!!

(Well worth ALL the effort in the world, to have her sleep ALL night in her OWN bed, not try to crawl up into ours!!)

Moral of the story:  Do whatever you hafta, to make the bed fit!!         Your weary bones will thank you, when you get a full night’s rest!

A Love House Post.      Brought to you by the letter “P”, and a full night’s sleep.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. Great idea! I need a fix like this to fit both my kids and their kids comfortably when they ALL come to stay at once – like next month! I don’t think they will fit in a closet though 🙂

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