Apres April

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(Apres April- the e in Apres is supposed to have that special mark over it- just so ya know I didn’t make up this word!)

So, this is a No Spend, 2018 in 2018 post.   Yay!!     Over a 1/4 the way thru the year!         Can you believe it??

April was a different kinda month.          Aren’t they all by definition “different”??

Um, yes, smart alec.            I meant, different in that we’re trying to save, sorta?, and also enjoy our life with the new responsibilities – new truck, higher rent, wanting to eat out 30x a month.        (Yes, I did the math correctly!         IF I had my way, we’d never eat at home!       But, that is totally fantasy, not reality.        Unless DH inherited some money, and didn’t tell me!)

Also, DD1 and the girls moved out, so all the bills shifted.        But, we’ll get it figured out pretty quickly, I’m confident!

In March, I quit keeping track of how many days I de-cluttered, and how many no spend days I had. But since I’ve found my calendars now, I will begin again, Finnegan.

I know fer sure I de-cluttered at least something on the 19th, because that’s the first day I wrote a “D” on my little calendar.   

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Finally, I de-cluttered!    I’ve been purging little things as I go along, but not marking it.     I always mark it on my chart, tho!!    Even when I couldn’t find my chart, I wrote it on notebooks, then transferred it.

Not too many No Spend days, either.        We need to tighten up on the going out to eats.        Now that we have no one to share the rent, and utilities, I guarantee the eating out will slow w.a.y. down!

As you can imagine, the total savings this month are not great, but overall, good.         We even had to break into his last month’s for DH to go to his bowling league.           🙁             Mine turned out pretty good tho!




April Savings:                 YTD:

Me:           45.70              58.87

DH:            -3.41               31.98

Totals:     42.29                90.85

To see actual money in savings- Priceless!!


De-cluttering went much better.

Go girls!!

slob, humor, 200 /2018

DH’s and my purges were phenomenal!!

slob, humor, 800/2018
Woo hoo!!

April items:                                             YTD:

DH, Me:        465                                     875             

Girls:              82                                      260      

Totals:         547                                    1135

All in all, not too bad a month, considering all the changes.          Here’s to a more frugal, and much purged May!


2018 in 2018 , and a No Spend post. 

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  1. Sounds like a plan! I am working on some decluttering, and trying to organize the things I have so I can actually find them when I need them. You know the way we collectors think, we keep things because we might need them someday and then when someday arrives we can’t find it.


  2. AWESOME!! Anytime you can declutter AND save money is a wonderful feeling. The joke at our house is that it is my night to cook when we go out.

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