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This is the 4th episode of Barb’s Quick 100 Challenge.             And the last, sadly, since it’s now May.

Yay for May!         But, boo for Barb’s banishments being over.

I did this group on Monday, the 30th.         I wanted to hurry up, and finish strong!!             But, DH wasn’t around, so I didn’t want to do any physical work.             Hmmmmm, racking my brain.              I know!!           Emails!!           Perfect!           Large numbers, no actual work involved!!

208 emails- banished!!               Then, I even went and emptied the trash!!            Woo hoo!!

No, I didn’t double count, from deleting them, then emptying them out of the trash!     lol

slob, humor, empty inbox

Woot Woot!

slob, humor, empty inbox
Another Woot!!
slob, humor, trash emptied
And a third Woot!!








The goal was 100 items, by May 1st.             Being the overachiever that I sometimes am, I couldn’t settle for merely 100!          I had to go for the gold!!!

I ended up with a total of 416 things!          The duration of the challenge was only 8 days, so of course I was able to knock it outta the park!!            A sprint is soooo much easier than a marathon!!

Today’s Totals:               Challenge Totals:

Girls:            0                                 25

Mine:         208                             416

Combined Challenge Total:    441

4x the goal!!          I dun it!!!

Great job, Melinda!!          I’m proud of you!            Thanks!          But I couldn’t have done it without DH!!


Barb’s           slob, humor, quick 100      Challenge.

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  1. Congratulations!! Digital clutter is just as difficult to get rid of. You are on your way to 2018 items this year.

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