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Post #2 of Barb’s Quick Challenge.

So, I got rid of 1 thing April 23.      I really needed to step up the pace!!

Wednesday, the 25th, DH said he wanted to go work on the porch, after his Dr. appointment.         Alright!!

He had to drag me outta bed, but then I was raring to go!          (After breakfast, of course!!)

I didn’t take too many pix, but we did so much purging!!          Felt sooo good!!             Lighter, and less by the day!!.

Some of the silly stuff- a cut off sleeve!         Since the girls are gone now, so are the sleeves!

1 lonely red sock, and 1 white one.          Jen, are you still finding singles too??

I donated most of my fabric.        As he was putting it in the bag, to take, I was crying.       

slob, humor, fabric leaving
My fabric goes bye, bye.
Sniff, sniff

I don’t enjoy the actual sewing part anymore.          All winter, when I was trying to work on the horse quilt, my hands hurt so bad from the arthritis, I finally gave up.

So, I decided to just let it go…..

We both gave up books.              He sacrificed his old TV, and microwave.          (For some reason, he doesn’t name his appliances, like I do!          (Molly Microwave.)

The folding table, that I have used as my sewing table for the last year, disappeared into the back of his truck as well.        Good riddance!!     

slob,humor, purged items
Bye, bye, clutter!

We had THREE dining tables!!         (His, her’s, and mine.)        I am the only one willing to give it up.      No tears on that!

22 things of the girls’!!               For a total of 23 so far.        On a roll!!           (Not a dinner roll, either.)

91 of DH’s, and mine!!            Whoop, whoop!!

That’s a total of 113 for the day!!

114 for Barb’s challenge!!            Already smashed it, by the 25th!!             That’s what I call a successful de-clutter!!             But, not done yet!!            I plan to keep going, to see how far I get by May 1 .

Looking forward to the next session!!

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  1. Good job! It must be interesting to count each thing you toss out, I toss thing out by the bag/tub full. Ha! ^_^ Much to my husband’s chagrin.

  2. Hahahaha! It’s second nature to me. I’m Spartan to the core. I dislike clutter and hardly ever keep stuff around. it’s my husband who’s the packrat. I’d say a good 60% of the stuff in our house that isn’t furniture is his. ^_^ I go through the house every six months or so and chuck stuff out right and left, and he’s all, “But we might need that one day!!!” And I’m like, “You haven’t even looked at it in five years!”

    I’m sure that sounds familiar to a lot of people. ^_^

    1. Yup!! Everything I got rid of is 1 less thing on my mind, and back!! And I can’t think of anything I regret!!
      DH is working on letting go. I understand Doug, I used to be there myself!!

    1. Thank you, Sylvia! Congrats on doing the hard work of purging! I’m so glad you don’t have any regrets! Well wishes in your newly downsized life!

  3. Congratulations on the decluttering. I set a goal last year to rid myself of one item a day for a year. Since then, I’ve set a rule for myself that anytime I bring something new into the house (not counting consumables like groceries), I must get rid of an equal number of items. There is still work to do, but at least things are no longer getting worse. 🙂 Thanks for linking up at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty. I’ve share this post on social media.

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