Barb’s Bidding

slob, humor, pony tail holder

Barb, from  challenged her readers to do a quick 100 item de-clutter, by May 1.

I told her I’d accept!

So, starting today, April 23, I’ve got 8 days to get 100 items gone!

I saw this on the floor, and threw it away.

slob, humor, pony tail holder

Where did this come from??           How did this even get IN this house??            No one has enough hair to even use it!!           (Unless you count DH’s beard.          Nah, I don’t think so!)

We sure didn’t pack it on purpose!!         And it was just laying in the floor, in the bathroom.


Whatever, only 99 to go!!


 Barb’s     slob, humor, quick 100      Challenge.




  1. Y’all probably brought it in from outside accidentally. These things have a way of migrating their way inside.

  2. Love it! Jen collects socks and you collect hair ties! I probably picked up the same one a thousand times while the girls lived here!!

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