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slob, humor, papers trashed

This is the 3rd installment of Barb’s Quick 100 challenge.

Saturday, April 28

We worked on the porch again.          It’s a big screened porch!!           And it was crammed full of stuff!            Mostly DH’s, and DD1’s. 

Lots of papers,

slob, humor, papers trashed    Piles o’ papers.

broken things, including a pocket knife, into the trash.         slob, humor, expired lotion   And expired lotion.

We donated a box, and a bagful of stuff this time too.         But I didn’t count how many donates, and how many trashed items.

A FL driver’s handbook from who knows how long ago!!           Do they even print those things anymore??

The rooster clock was donated, as was the printer.         I already have one!            Also, an old camera went to what I hope will be a good home.

I know the mildewed basket went to its final resting place!!              The worst things were the 3 jars of peanut butter, that had leaked oil.           At least they were in plastic,  so the mess was contained!  But that whole box smelled rancid!

DH tried to keep a whole skadoodle of cassette tapes.        I said, “But, hon, we don’t even have a cassette player!!”         He almost cried over those.           One was George Strait!!             I felt his pain on that one.            Love me some King of Country!           Poor George, discarded like last century’s trash.

slob, humor, donates
Buh bye!

The silliest thing for today: yellow price sticker, from purple laundry hamper!          I was in the bathroom, and looked over at it.        First, I turned the hamper around, so you couldn’t see it.          Then I thought, well that’s dumb!          Why don’t I just remove it??           (After only 7 years or so… I didn’t want to make a snap decision here!)           😉

Today’s totals:

Girl’s    3

Our’s   208!

Challenge totals:

Girls’     25

Our’s     299!

DH and I triple crushed the challenge, all by ourselves!!          And not done yet!!          1 more episode post!

What will it be next time???


 Barb’s           slob, humor, quick 100      Challenge.

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    1. Thanks, Lynn. WE’re getting there! I still get impatient, when I see all that we still have to do. But then I take a break, look at my chart, or reread a post, and congratulate myself on how far we’ve come!

  1. OMG you are on a roll!! How awesome! Wish I had a triple the challenge award! Isn’t it weird how a silly blog challenge can be so motivating?!?

  2. Doug still has boxes and boxes of CDs that he will never listen to because we don’t have a player for them. But he *might* convert them to MP3’s “some day”. You know? ^_^

    Spoken like a true hoarder.

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