Blackberry Blast

slob, humor, Mama's blackberry cobbler

Guess what this is??

slob, humor, Mama's blackberry cobbler
Mama’s is the best!!

Only the most amazingest, bestest tasting, dessert/ breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/snack in the whole wide world!!

My Mama’s Blackberry Cobbler!!

Brenda, from Camellia’s Cottage wrote about blackberry cobbler.         So, I had to show off Mama’s, and brag a little!!

She made it especially for me, but said I had to save Sis some.        What??          Why??          If she wanted some, she shoulda been here!

But Mama pulled out “The Look”, so I had to stop eating.              “Yes, ma’am.”

I even took the pic, and texted it to Sis, to show her there was some left.

I’m the good daughter!!

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