Bunches o’ Body Bags

slob, humor, 400/2018

The roach body bags are stacking up!!       I’m not gonna post the total till after the end of May, cuz I want to take full credit for every one of those sap suckers I bag!!

But I can tell ya, it’s already over 400!!           Just since May 9!!

slob, humor, 400/2018
Woop, Woop!!

(I just hope Rachel from NourishingMinimalism.com doesn’t get wind of this new mini-series of mine, and get mad cuz of my unusual use of her number icons!!)

slob, humor, colored in squares
(Not the actual Roaches chart.   I don’t have time to take a pic, and upload it today.)

Filling in the squares on that chart is SO satisfying!!            Almost more so than the actual killing!        Cuz that part’s messy!!              I don’t have to boil my hands, after coloring in the chart!       lol

slob,humor, x-ed out roach
Kill the roaches!!








And let me just assure you, not very many escape my wrath!           If I see it, it’s as good as dead.

Dead roaches walking.          But not for long!!


A Roach Reams post.         Brought to you by a vicious assassin- namely me.

slob,humor, kinds of roaches
Kinds of Roaches- just not ALL the kinds there are.

#1      #2      #3

(Did I tell you I made that chart??       On Venngage.com.          But, they don’t let me down load it, cuz I have the free program.       So, it’s the old screen shot with my phone.          So annoying!!           Someday, Venngage, someday!)


  1. I would normally congratulate you on removing 400 things but I’m really not sure this is an “awesome” thing. How gross! I am glad you have 400 less visitors at your place. Hopefully you won’t exceed 2018 in 2018!!

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