Ferret Funnies

slob, humor, ferret meme

Sis, and one of our friends like ferrets, so I looked up ferret funnies for you.           You’re welcome!

slob, humor, ferret meme

slob, humor,ferret meme

slob,humor, ferret memeslob, humor, ferret memeslob, humor, ferret meme

slob, humor, ferret memeslob, humor, shark meme   Oops!!  How did that shark meme get in here??

slob, humor, ferret memeslob, humor, ferret meme  And there’s a sting ray!!        What is going on here???

slob, humor, ferret meme      Uh, Melinda??         Yeah??        I don’t think that’s a ferret either.          Well, what is it, then??          I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s a ferret.            Uh, sorry guys!!

Hope the ferret memes brought a smile to your face, and a laugh to your throat!

{Traditional ferret blessing.}



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