Food Fusion

slob, humor, expired yogurt

DH decided purging the fridges, and combining 2 into 1, made the most sense.        Now that only 2 of us live here.          (Not to mention, unplugging one would save electric!)

slob, humor, 2nd fridge
The overflow fridge.

BTW:  We did cook and eat ALL the chicken in the black pot, before it went bad.       YAY!!

All this was expired:        🙁        

slob, humor, Lactaid milk  Who drinks this??            Answer: No one.         That’s why its expired.

slob, humor, expired yogurt
We are not big yogurt people.    Or little yogurt, either.


slob, humor, melted tofu

                    Is it supposed to slosh around??

slob, humor, olives
I’m not really sure if olives expire- not opening it to find out!
slob, humor, spinach
Yeah.      Soggy black spinach is WAY past its prime!
slob, humor, extra fridge door
Door of overflow fridge.

As you can guess, the peach did NOT go to waste!!

But, we still haven’t eaten any of the carrots, and it’s been 2 weeks!       So much for my resolution to start cooking regularly….

Our regular fridge:

slob, humor,fridge pic
The only thing that went bad on the top shelf, was a chub of ground beef.

Yeah, I guess that happens when you thaw it, but don’t follow thru, and actually cook it!

slob, humor, cheese drawer
Crisper drawer- for “normal” people.
It’s our cheese drawer.

No after pix, but I’m glad no more food stuff lives were lost.         The toll was already overwhelming!!  But, the epidemic has been stopped, and all the other sustenance is safe.           Whew!


A Love House Post.      Brought to you by laziness (me) and spoiled food (yogurt, beef, tofu, etc).

slob, humor, purple house

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