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Remember Green Graffiti??           

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So pretty!!     NOT!

Yeah, well it was all fine and good for PP to make the mess, (not really!!) but then she moved out!!      So, who’s left with the mess??            Pop and me, that’s who!!         

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 And we have to be out by Thursday, and this is Tuesday!        EEKKKSS!

That means someone needs to get busy cleaning!!                And just who would that be, I wonder??   

Ya know I don’t wanna do it.     We know, Melinda, we know!           But it wouldn’t be fair to expect DH to do everything!!             So far he has done ALL the packing, moving, and cleaning himself.        So, I will put on my big girl panties, and go to it myself.          (Yes, my big girl panties that are WAY big!!)

Wow!!        I’m shocked!!          Good job, Melinda!        Wait to congratulate me till I actually get it done!!

Good thinking!
Gotta Enviro, going in.    slob, humor, green Enviro







 Check on me in an hour, to make sure I didn’t pass out from exhaustion!!


A Love House post.          Brought to you by green, and a gripy Omie.

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