Litter Lacking

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Today I was scrolling thru my old blog, reading a few posts here, and there.          This one made me sooo thankful for the changes I have gone thru since then!!

Living Litter

Working on so much purging, in # 8 House, then having all my personal stuff in one little room, in Absolutely, now having the girls moved out, Love House stays pretty much usable all the time!!       

Notice I didn’t say Perfect!!

But now people can come over to visit, without a major moving effort to excavate the couch, or chairs!!

slob, humor, living room

I am so grateful!!

(Of course, I can’t take a proof pic right now, since DH just did laundry, and has it laid out on the couch, and chairs.          But I did say “without a major moving effort to excavate the couch, or chairs!!”           Moving some clean laundry is minor!!

I love Love House!!

A Love House post.       Brought to you by a nicely livable house!!

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