Love Lacking

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Love House is, ahem, lacking.         What??           But I thought you loved it!        Oh, I do!                         I do!!          But there are some problems.

When we first came to look at it, the landlord’s sister, my friend, said  “Be careful!       It has roaches, and bed bugs!”

I scoffed at the roaches.          I said, “It’s FL, everybody has roaches.”            (I had them at 8 house, and before that at my trailer, too.)               But the bed bugs???          NOPE!!        NOT gonna do that!  

So, called in a Terminex man, for a proper inspection.      

(This is funny!)

NO bedbugs, thank God!!            We would have said No thanks, and gone on our merry way, if there was.    

Now, the roaches??         Different story.     

slob, humor, roaches
My sworn enemy.

They were scurrying everywhere!!             So, he gave me a price for treatment.                Ummm, sorry, I am not a wealthy woman in disguise!!

Then I found a company who had reasonable rates, and gave a senior discount for the initial treatment.           Badda bing!!            Found our guys!

We paid for monthly assassisins’ visits, also did our own treatments, and put down glue traps.          

And they crawled on me while I was at the computer.          ALL the time!!           Yuck!                              Then, they started crawling on me, at night.          IN MY BED!           And they were so big, it woke me up!!            I killed them, of course.          But after the 3rd one, in 1 night, I yelled to DH that we have to move, NOW!!            For some reason, he didn’t agree that we had to flee, in our night clothes, and fire bomb the place.           They weren’t crawling on him!!!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the guy would NOT move his broken down truck, out of the carport.      Full of metal, and junk, it just sat there, day after day, mocking me.

“Haha, you can’t move me.      Nanner, nanner, boo boo.”         Always some excuse.        The battery’s dead.         I can’t find the key.          Yada, yada, yada.

Finally, I told DH to tell him we were moving, and he better get that truck gone, cuz no body else will rent this place.            Not with that, AND the bugs!!

slob, humor, empty parking

After DH told him we were giving our 30 day notice, he moved it.               Only took 2 1/2 months!!

Big whoop.            But, then the girls had room to ride their bikes, so that was great.         PP actually rode, but by ride, I mean CC just sat there clutching the handlebars of Sissy’s big girl bike, while Pop pulled her around.   

She has a pretty, fine, pink and purple! tricycle, just her size, but nooooo, that’s too babyish.        And PP refuses to ride it, of course, for the exact same reason.          sigh

The 3rd BIG problem, is the water bill.          The first one was $63, for only 1 or 2 days.               I thought, Whoa!        That’s really high, must be a turn on fee, or something.              When the next, full monthly one came, I nearly stroked out.            $165!!          ONE HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE U.S. DOLLARS!!              (Sorry, I know I’m yelling a lot.          Just be glad your ear is not 12 inches from my mouth, like DH’s!!)

I found out how to get an adjustment, did that.     $40 off next month’s bill.       We stopped flushing the toilet, taking showers, and washing dishes.         Haha, not really.             But we did take many conservation measures!

This month, same exact thing, the amount is off by a dollar, and change.              Meanwhile everyone is telling me that’s wrong, too high, has to be a problem.              No joke!!

By this time, I am livid, and ready to begin living out of the truck!!          That truck bed is big enough for a mattress!!

Call the water dept. again.          “We already checked your meter, and you don’t have a leak, so we can give you 1 more adjustment, since the bill was halfway thru the month, when you bought the repair part.         (New flapper)        But then, that’s it.        You will just have to quit using so much water.”    Lady, if we use any less, we’ll be living in the Sahara!

After the first water bill, and the nightly bug visits, I started hunting for another place.         Seriously hunting!

Found out our rent is WAY below market value, for a 3/1 home.

SO, most places were already more expensive, just driving by!!           I’m surprised we didn’t get charged toll fees!!

Plus, have to pay water too…. so, here we are, asking God for wisdom again.

I love living here.        When we are sitting outside, and no vermin are on my skin.

I love the peace, and quiet.         I love being home in Plant City.         I love the neighborhood.               I love the convenience of being half a mile from my Mama.        I love having a big, shady yard for the girls to play, and pick flowers.            I love everything about the place- except the aforementioned vermin, and the outrageous water bill. 

Anyway, we found 1 place in a senior park, but it’s kinda small.             It technically has 2 bedrooms, but you wouldn’t know it was a bedroom, if it wasn’t labeled!          You’d think it’s just a nice sized closet.         Oh well, the girls only visit on weekends now, so we really don’t need a big place for them.

They haven’t finished renovating it yet.           But all new wood laminate floors, new kitchen cabinets, and appliances, bathroom floor replaced, and new screening on porch, makes it look nice!!        Or, will when it’s done!

The best part is, water, sewer and trash are included, so we will save $400 a month.           EVERY month!!

I’m almost ready to beg them to let us move in, as soon as the floors are finished!!           We don’t really need a kitchen!!           Just a bedroom, and the bathroom, it’s all good.

There is a pool, and a clubhouse, and the yard is huge, and no problems with the babies visiting.

So, on Friday I plan to go over there, and beg the man to take our money, and let us sign a lease!!

My mental health is sometimes precarious enough, sometimes,  without all this major stress!

We kept trying to chase the man down, never could.       After the 3rd time of going over, after the wife assured me he’d be there working, and not being able to find him, or getting an answer on phone, or at the door of the office, DH said, “3 strikes and you’re out.       Not gonna try again.”


So back to the drawing board.

Realtor listings, and drive bys.

A Love House post.          Brought to you by the letter “L” and vermin.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. You have more patience than I – bugs in bed would have had me living in a hotel! Sorry this is happening but the next place will be even better!!

    1. Thanks, Barb! I would have been in a hotel, if I’d have had the money!! Or even a charge card!! Yes, it will!! I’m going over there to pre-spray!!
      And obsessively check everything as I pack!!

  2. Oh, Melinda, I am so sorry about your problems! And it seemed such a perfect love house! I wish I were closer to at least make some food for you!
    Keep praying and trust in Him, and He will send you a solution – He always does, you know.

    1. Thanks, Dolly. I did think it was perfect!! I was looking forward to staying here a long time. 🙁
      I would love a Dolly made meal!! Thanks for the encouragement! We have found our new home. I just hope this one is as good as we think it is!!

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