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Run, Melinda, Run!

Well, we all know THAT ain’t happening!!         Unless the house is on fire.        Or the babies are in immediate danger.

But, on the advice of my physician, my friends, family, and DH, I did begin walking.

Yes, I was already capable of walking, now I began walking on purpose!!

So, I plan to start a new series.         Bragging on myself for walking.           Yes, indeed, folks, that’s how much of an attention hog I am.          I have to garner accolades for doing what even babies do, all by themselves.

April 16th was my first foray.      I did 667 steps that day.

slob, humor, my feet

April 18 was 1,493!           .67 of a mile!!          That shocked me! 

20th- 1,503             .64 of a mile again!!            Wait!       1,493 was .67, and 1,503 was .64  ??                        (Something is wrong with this picture.            I knew it.           Math messes with me again.)


22- 1,998   .85 mile         We had the girls, so that explains the Sunday steps!!

April’s count ended up as 18,525!!             7.89 miles!! 

Giving myself “Atta boys! girls!”  is a good motivator!          Also, as ya know, I make sure everyone else gives them to me too!!

Over 7 1/2 miles, this month, is really excellent!       And especially since I just tracked my daily stuff.    After the first 2 days of going around the block, I just kept my phone in my pocket all day.

So, I wasn’t worn out from “exercising.”         I was just getting credit for what I was already doing, on a daily basis.

I probably won’t ever achieve DH’s 2 miles a day……           But ya never know- stranger things have happened!

A Miracle Marathon post.        slob, humor, Miracle Marathon


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