New Notion

slob, humor, some leftover ice cream

In my search for weight loss methods, that don’t involve swearing off brownies for life, I’m come up with this new notion:

It’s quite simple, really.           Leave some food on my plate.          Complicated doesn’t work for me!    In any area of my life!

That oughta work, right??

That way I won’t be crammed to the top-full every meal.

Or eat the whole half gallon of ice cream in 1 sitting….

slob, humor, some leftover ice cream
See?       I have self control!          I left some!

Also, I’ve found that sometimes when I’m craving sweet, eating a pickle works instead!

slob, humor, pickle
Salty!    Crunchy!

Weird, huh??            I don’t know why, but I’ll take it!

Now, what can I eat to keep me from craving bread???????????????

When I’m not stuffed to the gills, then I can walk more.       And I know, walking back for seconds doesn’t count.

Every time that I leave food on my plate,  I’ll just have to apologize to a starving child in Africa….


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