Pop’s Purge

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On May 7th-  DH purged ALL the files!!

We had already discussed getting a smaller place, due to the problems with Love House.                     (I know!!        I doan wanna move either, trust me!!          But, that’s another post.)

He had mentioned before that he was ready to go thru his files.             Today was the day.                He owned the idea of downsizing, and jumped in feet first.

He hauled out a stack of folders, about 2 inches high, and plopped them on the bed!!

slob, humor, files
Not even all of them!

Those were for me to go thru, and shred.         

slob, humor, shred

Old cancelled checks, (from 2014!!  to current, resumes from before he retired, in 2103!!,  job descriptions, manuals, you name it, it was in there.      I kept expecting to pull out Jimmy Hoffa, at any moment!!)

He kept an equally high stack, and just kept tossing in the recycle, willy nilly!! 

I just had to brag, and brag on him!!            “Honey, you’re doing so good!!            Thank you, baby, for getting on board with the purging!!”

After he finished his, he was done for the day!!

But he did move the now empty file cabinet into the other room, so we could remove the “office” from the bedroom.           Woo hoo!!

slob, humor, relocated file cabinet
All by itself, in the DD1’s former office.

We don’t have a shredder, at present.          So, I was tearing off the parts of the papers that had the personal info, then hand shredding those smaller pieces.           It took me H.O.U.R.S.            (Truthfully, I’m still not totally done.           SShhh!!!)            Such good stress relief!!           Also anger management technique!

I’ll get around to-it!!                           Eventually.

Now, I just have to go thru MY file cabinet…..

Update:   I just thought he’d purged all the files.      Went back in there, and what did I spy with my little eye???       More files!!!           ARGH!!

slob, humor, more files
More files???


A Love House post.     Brought to you by manila folders, and sore, shredded fingers.

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  1. That’s not so bad, Melinda! I excavated the paper avalanche on my husband’s desk and found FPL bills from 2008! Since we are paying bills electronically, paper just piles up on his desk unused, and I have to wait for two things to converge: him being out of the house for a couple of hours and me having those couple of hours free.
    I was thinking of you, my favorite purple person, while doing it!

    1. LOL!! That is pretty bad!! At least they were paid, right?? 😉 I hope you can get him on board the paperless train soon!!
      I think of you every time I’m hungry!! (I won’t say how many times a day that is….)

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