Roach Realization

slob,humor, x-ed out roach

Why is it just now coming to my attention that if I was counting my roach kills, I’d be on my 4th or 5th de-cluttering chart by now??

I want an answer, Brain!!

I was filling in my chart completely, first page, that is, when I was rudely interrupted multiple times by roaches with a death wish.

Which I was only too happy to oblige them!!

And it struck me like lightening!!          Why wasn’t I counting the bodies??      Or pieces there of??    

slob,humor, x-ed out roach
Kill the roaches!!

They certainly qualify as clutter.

  • annoying
  • out of place
  • germy
  • can’t clean till gone
  • can’t use house as intended w/ them here
  • can’t have friends over!! 

Everyone suddenly loses ALL interest in seeing your new house, if you slip and mention your creepy “friends”.

So, starting today, May 9th, I, Melinda, forthwith shall begin a chart solely dedicated to counting my hunting highs roach bodies.


A Roach Reams post.         Brought to you by slow firing neurons.  (next time huge body counts)

slob,humor, kinds of roaches
Kinds of Roaches- just not ALL kinds there are.




  1. oh my goodness! i hope this isn’t still an issue for you ‘all I’m like Aurthoress – can’t stand roaches! i’d die if I had to be in the same room as one! eeeeeek!

    I’m looking for this chart you were talking about recently – and came across this post.

    1. Um, well, it’s getting better. We have a professional company come out every month.
      Sorry I forgot all about the kill charts!! lol
      The charts to count decluttered items??
      You have to join NourishingMinimalism FB, and she send you the file to print it.

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