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slob, humor, cluttered desk top

As I was sitting here at my desk, (that I had used back in the apt 3 years ago), I realized the top was junky.        Cluttered, if you will.

So, being me, I took a pic, to document the mess, then proceeded to ignore it.

slob, humor, cluttered desk top
Top of my computer desk.

After all, if I document the mess, then I have the intention of cleaning it, so that counts.          Right??  Nooo??            Well!!       [huffy tone]

And a week later, as I sit here at my computer desk, I look up.         And the only thing missing is the yellow measuring tape, that DH had to use.         [And exactly WHY was that even ON my desk top to begin with???]

Huh, wonder how long it would take me to actually do something about it??         When I noticed it the first time, I guesstimated 5 minutes or so.         I forgot to factor in the lazy, ignore it for a week, mind set I have.

We’ll see how much longer I procrastinate!!

A Love House post.          Brought to you by desk top clutter, and procrastination.

slob, humor, purple house

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