Vanronica’s Vermin

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Yes, I’ve told you before, Vanronica was a Mommy’s van.

And now she’s an Omie’s van.

And sadly, Omie doesn’t keep her clean.

slob,humor, dirty van
Omie’s dirty Vanronica.

I know, she looks good in this pic!!      

So now, as you already probably know, or heard me say before, Vanronica is crawling with vermin.    Namely, roaches.          Yuck!!           Hence: no real pix of this predicament!

I gotta do away with these crass creepy crawlies!!

slob, humor, roach gang

{These are fake roaches by the way!!        I don’t think even Amazon would send you real ones.        On purpose, anyway!}

How will I ever want to drive her again, if every time I do, a roach crawls on my leg??

EEK!!         Makes for some wild driving, when I am slapping my legs, and forgetting to keep 1 hand on the wheel!

So, I decided to turn to the web for some help.

This guy has the answers:

How To Get Rid Of Roaches in Car In 5 Days Or Less

Now all I have to do is follow these instructions.         

Bwahahaha!         Y’all know good and well, I ain’t gonna do a thing!!

DH has already vacumed Vanronica several times, and put out glue traps.

I’ll ask him to do it again.       And try to remember to take pix this time!!

Anybody wanna see a full glue trap??         I’ll be happy to document for those who are curious!

A Roach Reams post.         Brought to you by kiddos people eating food in the van.

slob,humor, kinds of roaches
Kinds of Roaches- just not ALL kinds there are.

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  1. One of the many *many* reasons why I’ll never live in Florida again is because of the chance of roaches in my car. (tornadoes and hurricanes are two other reasons) Just the thought car roaches makes me shudder. Not that I’m throwing shade at Florida, but it’s not for everyone. I know it’s not for me. I’ll live way up here in the Northwest were it’s too cold for roaches. We’ve got plenty of spiders though. hahahaha!

    Good luck cleaning out Vanronica.

    1. Thanks, Willow! Yeah, the r. are a plaque for sure!! I’ve almost run off the road a few times!
      No roaches in Alaska, that was wonderful!!
      Spiders?? What kind of spiders?? How big??

  2. I have never heard of getting roaches in the car. Guess we don’t have enough of them here. I think I’ve seen maybe 3 my entire life. They sure would freak me out!!

    Why does Florida have so many? Is it the humidity? The constant temperatures?

    1. Barb, yay!! I wish I lived where you do! Sorta. For the non-roach part, anyway!
      1 reason is the humidity, I think. And the reason I have them in the van is, we eat in there, and I don’t clean very well, at all.
      The huge palmetto bugs live in the palmetto bushes, and palm trees. And the German roaches just can’t be killed!! Haha, unless it’s a direct strike, with a follow up squashing flat!

  3. Guess it’s a good thing for us. I also don’t have little ones in the car anymore. Give it a few years, we might be right there with you depending on where the kiddos end up.

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