Vital Veggies

slob, humor, lettuce as dessert

Of course veggies, (and fruit!!) are vital!!         To our health, and the rainbow being on our plate!

One night, the girls asked for fruit.             It just so happened, we had several kinds at that time.          So, the first course for dinner was: cantaloupe, strawberries, and apple.

Look what a cute arrangement PP made!!

slob, humor, fruit arrangement

Yummy!                   After all that, they were still hungry.            Imagine that!!

Next course:

{I’m trying to crop PP out of the pic of the banana, and having a horrific time.       I might just give up, and take a snap of a new banana.       My mental energy is too valuable to keep wasting on trying to edit!!}


1 more try, and that’s it.            slob, humor, banana

  May be subject to copyright???              Okay, so I caved.          Onward!!

Third course:

slob, humor, orange
FL Citrus!!

Finally, for dessert:

slob, humor, lettuce as dessert
All greens, all the time!

Lol!!           A little backwards there, weren’t ya???               Who cares!!              They ate healthy stuff!

Yay for veggies and fruit!!          Heavy on the fruit!!


A Love House Post.      Brought to you by the letter “V”, and the rainbow.

slob, humor, purple house

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  1. Doug has been buying me salad bowls from the grocery store. I don’t have the energy to actually cut up lettuce to *make* a salad, and this give me variety. ^_^ They run about 250 calories per bowl and come with their own dressing in a little cup. The only downside is that I feel guilty because of the throw away bowls. But I’ve gotta make compromises somewhere. it’s either eat conveniently and well or eat junk food. At least the bowls are recyclable.

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