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Yesterday, I was grateful for dirty dishes.            What are you grateful for today?

My body.              But I thought you didn’t like your body??                    Well, I don’t always.                    Nevertheless, I am grateful for it.              And not liking how it looks, or works at times, is not the same as being ungrateful.            Is it?               Isn’t it??

I have all 4 limbs, and a new and improved knee!   

slob, health, knee scar
All better now!

Can ya see the scar??        My surgeon had mad needle skills!

And most of my organs.           Who needs a gallbladder, and uterus anyways??                I can vouch for them not being necessary for survival!!

I have all 5 senses intact.             And I do have my brain.          Intact, as in no parts have been removed.          But intact, as in as sharp as in my youth??          No.          But then again, everyone loses brain cells as they age, so it’s okay.

Thank you brain, for still working!!         As slowly, and mixed up as it is at times, I can still think, speak, read, write, and eat.          Please never stop working, until I die!!

Thank you feet, and legs, for allowing me to walk, haltingly as it might be at times.

Thank you spine, for keeping me upright, the majority of the time!!

Thank you arms, and shoulders, for picking stuff up, and holding on to them.

slob, humor, my arm
I’m so strong!!

BO doesn’t count!             Ouch!             You’re being mean today!

Thank you fingers for still moving, allowing me to type!

Thank you tummy, for processing my food.        Even when you growl about it, and get upset, you’ve never stopped working entirely.             I appreciate that.

I am going to be thankful every day, for all my body CAN do.          And quit griping about what I can’t do.               Eyebrow raise           Okay, I’m going to try to remind myself not to gripe.             Better?


Thank you God, for creating my body, and giving me my breath, and life every day.

I love you my body, and I hope I always will.

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A Thankfulness Theme post.        Brought to you by bones, flesh and blood.

slob, humor, thankfull

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  1. I also do not have a gallbladder or uterus. Neither are needed for survival. ^_^ I’m glad my body works as well as it does, but damn if it isn’t doing its darnedest to make my life difficult.

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