Box Bash

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Box bash!!          Nope, didn’t hit it with a sledgehammer.          (But how fun would that be!!      Provided I could even lift the thing!!           Maybe another time….           Or a different body……)

Talking ’bout unpacking boxes, baby!! 

Bashing it, bashing it good!! 

That doesn’t even make sense, Melinda.


It’s my blog, and I’ll write what I want to!

Now.            It all started with a notice from the library that 5 books were due.            Library books??    I don’t even have any!!                     

Oh yeah, a vague memory of getting books is there in the misty watercolor memories, in the corners of my mind.            (Goes off singing…..)

So, DH duly hauled in a few boxes, from his man cave shed.

Mine was a mixed box.         Some girls’ things, into the their room.     Some mine, and even some of  DD1’s, which surprised me.          I thought all her stuff was gone already!!        So they are temporarily in the girls’s room, until we see her this weekend.

A few piddly things recycled, or trashed.

slob, humor, mystery circle

slob, humor, misc. junk


                                                                                                                               What IS that even???

The cotton balls, unopened,  will be donated.        I already have about 3 bags!

slob, humor, cotton balls

3 pairs of socks, for next year’s After Christmas Christmas Sock Exchange.          That reminds me, you STILL haven’t written a post about this year’s party!        You promised on 2-22 to do it “soon”.                      I haven’t???             WOW.           I’ve been very negligent!           Y’all do remember that “soon” is relative with me, right??          Barbara can bear witness to that!            And that I’m a procrastinator??

What was I talking about again??        Bashing boxes.                  Right, thanks.

I finished that box, and watched DH unload a box of food.          Sadly, some of it was expired.              Anybody surprised by that?            Anybody??          Very neatly, he put the rest in the pantry.                

slob, humor, pantry baskets
Love these slide out baskets in the pantry!

The 3rd box was the jackpot!!         The library books!!              Hurray!!        Now I can return them, without paying an arm and a leg!!      slob, library books

Boxes bashed!!         

[Unpacked, unloaded, unboxed, uncrated, unwrapped, emptied, taken out….]



  1. One down! I can’t even imagine unpacking as many times you have in the last couple of years. You have a patience I can’t muster.

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