Finally Found!

slob, humor, mobile home

Finally found our forever home!!

I mean, our-hope-to-God-it’s-forever-I-am-so-sick-of-moving home!!

In Love Lacking,  I was talking about looking for a new place.        And the troubles of finding our new one.     (Newest??      Please, God, let us stay there till we die!!      I’m begging, Lord!!)

This one is in a Senior park.          YAY!!            Has a pool, and nice, big clubhouse.       🙂

We will own the mobile, and rent the lot.       

slob, humor, mobile home
WAS for sale!!       Ours now!

Water, sewer, and trash are included.          Double yay!!          No more surprise amounts to pay!

2 real bedrooms!!     

Woo hoo!!

Large screened porch!!          Woo hoo two!

slob, humor, screen porch

When the asst. manager took us to #79, I started singing, “79, you’re so fine, hey Mickey!”        That was part of a song, that our senior class adopted as our unofficial motto.         (Cuz: 1979)  So, I kinda had a feeling I would like it.           Then she said to DH,  “You will like the shed.        It’s big!”

We went in the house first.         Large!!        Airy!!           All white walls!! 

slob, humor, living room

Living room                 Appliances!!       New floors!       

slob, humor, kitchen

The bathroom:  A white toilet, tub, and sink!!     

slob, humor, bathroom

White for the win!!
Remember the green tragedies from the other trailer??)

slob, humor, bathroom vanity
Long counter, just like Love House!   I love it!

(You know how important toilets are to me!!)

Storage galore!!   

slob, humor, kitchen drawers
4 kitchen drawers?? What luxury!
slob, humor, pantry baskets
Love these slide out shelves in the pantry!







slob, humor, bathroom shelvesslob, humor, linen closet    Both of these are in the bathroom!

The master bedroom was sorta small, but we had already decided the bedroom was only for sleeping.        Ahem.         No more computer, or files in there.  So, that was okay.

slob, humor, master bedroom
Master.     My closet not shown.

Then, we went into the shed, and it had 2 rooms!! 

slob, humor, 2 room shed
DH was blown away!!

DH was in love!!           And there was this on the shelf:

slob, humor, tire on shelf
A tire!!

(He had done tires for 38 years!!)

I told him, “That’s a sign!!        This one is ours!!”

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the washer, and dryer that were left!!   

slob, humor, washer/dryer
More appliances!!

So, now we have two sets!!       lol           More to sell!!          (Update: Sister already bought the dryer.     Hurrah!   Sadly, the washer was dead.   RIP)

We went straight to the office, and made the deal.          Moving in at the end of May!!!        Woo hoo!!       So relieved to have found a nice place we could afford!!         (We looked at some doozies, let me tell you!

Yet another house for PP to name.         And let it be the last!          Amen!

Update:  PP named it “Joy House.”          (That’s my middle name.)          Perfect!


  1. I hope it’s your last too! I know that feeling all too well. This was supposed to be our last. But… well… You know how these things go. >_<

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